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Presbyopia is a refractive condition in which the crystalline lens of the eye loses its flexibility. This makes small print appear blurred which clears up when held at a distance greater than usual from the eyes.


Presbyopia is caused by normal aging process.

The age at which person needs reading glasses varies from one to another. On an average, Presbyopia begins in the early to mid forties.

  • Tendency to hold reading materials at arms length or over.
  • Blurred vision for small print at the normal reading distance
  • Eye fatigue
  • Headaches on attempted close work.

No, it is a part of normal aging process. It keeps gradually increasing with age since the patient needs greater power to read better to compensate for the decreased flexibility of the lens.

It can be corrected by the use of bifocals / trifocals / multifocals or single vision reading glasses (Full size / Half cut)