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Astigmatism is a refractive condition in which vision may be blurred, at distance as well as near, since a sharp image of the objects viewed cannot be formed on the retina or if formed, it is only at the cost of eye strain


When the front of the eye (Cornea) is transparent and is more oval than normal it can give rise to astigmatism. Generally this kind of an error occurs in association with both short sight and long sight.

About 90% of the eyes have at least minimal degrees of astigmatism but they need to be corrected only if they show symptoms.

People with high degrees of error experience blurred vision, while low and moderate degrees give rise to eyestrain, headache, fatigue etc.

Yes. Astigmatism can be corrected either with glasses or contact lenses, specifically, Toric Contact Lenses.Toric Contact Lenses are those which has the effect of both spherical & cylindrical lens. Often toric lenses are thicker at the bottom. Toric contact lenses are made from the same material as regular contact lenses although toric lenses are more expensive than regular contact lenses. Toric Disposable contact lenses were first introduced by Vistaon in 2000.