Choosing The Perfect Frames For Your Eyeglasses


Metal Frames

Most metallic frames are made of materials such as stainless ,Titanium & monel . All metallic frames are prone to corrosion depending on the weather conditions and usage , however most branded metallic frames come with a one year warranty for corrosion and manufacturing defects. Metallic frames can be made in all kind of colours and are very stylish . Titanium frames are very light weight and strong and are more popular in rimless frames , However these frames cannot be mended once broken.

Plastic Frames

Plastic frames are made of materials such spx, zyl, acetace,carbonate. These frames are very bold on the face and are good for the people who handle frames roughly. These are strong and do not corrode. However they might not look as stylish as the metallic frames.

These are three types of frames ,

These are three types of frames, full frames, semi rimless frames and rimless frames, Full frames are the regular frame material all around the lens. Semi rimless or half rimless frames/ glasses contain a frame that partially cover the lenses. Semi Rimless frames have the frame material only at the top. at the bottom the lens is secured by a thin but strong nylon wire.

Rimless frames do not have any metal or nylon wire around the lens. The lenses are held on the temple of the frames by the means of washer or screws.