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Anti - Fatigue Lens

Nowadays, eyes generally take a beating due to stress, prolonged reading and long hours spent in front of the television and computer. All these factors can cause visual fatigue that sets in as the hours go by, during the day. And that's the reason why eyes look tired by the end of the day.

The Anti-Fatigue lenses not only significantly reduce by a whooping 40%, but also improve the quality of vision.

These lenses are very comfortable and reduce burning, fatigue, blurriness of vision sizably. No wonder that 88% wearers have said that they would pick up the Anti-Fatigue lenses, when they need change of lenses.

Today, 60% of people aged between 20 and 40, with our without corrective lenses, suffer from visual fatigue. In other words, 20 million people!

This has been proven by the Omnibus/BVA survey covering 2760 people in the same age group of both (wearers and non-wearers) at France, United States & Japan.